Premium EN1729 4-Leg Classroom Chairs

Certified to European standard EN1729 our Premium classroom chairs are recommended for the modern learning environment.

Featuring the most up to date manufacturing techniques, this range represents the pinnacle of UK school chair design and construction.  Specify EN1729 and provide students with the optimum classroom solution.

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Titan 4 Leg Classroom Chair

Titan 4 Leg Classroom Chair£14.11  -  £14.91

Titan One Piece Classroom Chair

Titan One Piece Classroom Chair£14.00  -  £17.98

GEO School Classroom Chair

GEO School Classroom Chair£16.52  -  £18.19

SE School Classroom Chair

SE School Classroom Chair£18.33  -  £23.40

Postura+ Classroom Chair

Postura+ Classroom Chair£15.25  -  £19.94

KM P7 School Classroom Chair

KM P7 School Classroom Chair£20.89  -  £22.49

Titan+ Antibacterial Chair

Titan+ Antibacterial Chair£15.68  -  £20.92

Remploy EN10 Classic 4-Leg Classroom Chair

Remploy EN10 Classic 4-Leg Classroom Chair£39.68   £29.83

Origin Lotus 4 Leg Chair

Origin Lotus 4 Leg Chair£32.80

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Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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