Standard Four Leg Classroom Chairs

Our traditional school classroom chair range, featuring tried and tested models found in use throughout the UK.

Find your old school chairs here and mix & match to supplement your current classroom chair solutions.

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Advanced School Classroom Chair Junior

Advanced School Classroom Chair Junior£10.88  -  £11.94

Affinity Classroom Chair

Affinity Classroom Chair£10.90  -  £13.74

Remploy GH20 Classic School Chair

Remploy GH20 Classic School Chair£11.01  -  £13.71

E-Series School Chair

E-Series School Chair£11.82  -  £15.66

Omega School Classroom Chair

Omega School Classroom Chair£13.30  -  £17.02

Valencia Classroom Chair

Valencia Classroom Chair£13.94  -  £18.94

Harmony Classroom Chair

Harmony Classroom Chair£15.62  -  £18.72

Tomeg Children's Classroom Chair

Tomeg Children's Classroom Chair£15.62  -  £17.26

KM P3 School Classroom Chair

KM P3 School Classroom Chair£15.89  -  £16.21

KM P6 School Classroom Chair

KM P6 School Classroom Chair£22.90   £17.22

Remploy MX24 Classic Classroom Chair

Remploy MX24 Classic Classroom Chair£13.63  -  £18.05

Copenhagen Wooden Classroom Chair

Copenhagen Wooden Classroom Chair£20.12  -  £30.20

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Page 1 of 1:    14 Items
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