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Toddlers Wooden Stacking Children's Chair - Beech (Pack of 2)

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  • Sturdy timber frame
  • Stack 3 chairs high
  • Free delivery

With enhanced durability our beech solid wood chairs are sure to remain functional for a very long time and therefore represent great value for money as well as being an aesthetic choice for the classroom environment.

The chairs are stackable for easy storage, and feature rubber feet that prevent slipping and scratching the floors.

Available to purchase in packs of 2 or 4.

Unit Dimensions
Seat Height Height Width Depth
210mm 450mm 330mm 270mm
Further info
EN1729 European Size Guide
Size Age Year Seat height Table height
1 3-4 Nursery 260mm 460mm
2 4-6 KS1 310mm 530mm
3 6-8 KS2 350mm 590mm
4 8-11 KS3 380mm 640mm
5 11-14 KS4 430mm 710mm
6 14+ / Adult Post 16 460mm 760mm
Lab A N/A N/A 445mm 650mm
Lab B N/A N/A 560mm 750mm
Lab C N/A N/A 610mm 850mm
Lab D N/A N/A 685mm 900mm

Not all products are available in every size, some sizes vary.
Based on European Standard EN1729. Sizes are recommendations only.

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