ICT Swivel Chairs

Our ICT swivel & gas lift chairs are available with multi-functional seat adjustments or limited movement anti-tamper features.  Specify the ideal ICT chair for your requirements.

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Titan ICT Swivel Stool

Titan ICT Swivel Stool£90.00   £44.68

E-Series School ICT Chair

E-Series School ICT Chair£47.58  -  £50.66

Titan ICT Swivel Chair

Titan ICT Swivel Chair£47.77

Postura+ Task Chair

Postura+ Task Chair£49.85  -  £58.42

SE School ICT Chair

SE School ICT Chair£54.69

Remploy EN School ICT Chair

Remploy EN School ICT Chair£56.55  -  £61.48

EVO ICT School Chair

EVO ICT School Chair£57.40  -  £59.01

Advanced Harmony School ICT Chair

Advanced Harmony School ICT Chair£58.29  -  £59.29

GEO ICT School Chair

GEO ICT School Chair£70.25  -  £79.27

Sara Mid Back Twin Lever Operator Chair

Sara Mid Back Twin Lever Operator Chair£128.00   £74.00

Intellect Wave Task Chair

Intellect Wave Task Chair£93.63  -  £132.87

Zoom Student Anti-Tamper Chair

Zoom Student Anti-Tamper Chair£128.00   £115.43

Strive Student Task Chair

Strive Student Task Chair£138.72  -  £155.74

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Page 1 of 1:    29 Items
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