Probe SHOCKproof™ Lockers

Comprising high-security welded compartments with internal stop & sill.

Door opening is 80 degrees for ease of access.

The doors are impact, scratch and graffiti resistant meeting BS 4680:1996.

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SHOCKproof™ Single Door Locker

SHOCKproof™ Single Door Locker£130.67  -  £254.76

SHOCKproof™ Two Door Locker

SHOCKproof™ Two Door Locker£163.05  -  £179.12

SHOCKproof™ Three Door Locker

SHOCKproof™ Three Door Locker£200.88  -  £212.92

SHOCKproof™ Four Door Locker

SHOCKproof™ Four Door Locker£224.22  -  £246.08


Page 1 of 1:    4 Items
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