Probe Standard School Lockers

Certified to British Standard 4680:1996, Probe lockers are manufactured to the highest standards.

Made to order in the UK, this versatile range is available in various sizes and finishes to suit your space.

Site visits may be arranged on request.

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Probe Single Door School Locker

Probe Single Door School Locker£87.50  -  £282.01

Probe Two Door School Locker

Probe Two Door School Locker£114.46  -  £351.46

Probe Three Door School Locker

Probe Three Door School Locker£124.17  -  £385.92

Probe Four Door School Locker

Probe Four Door School Locker£132.78  -  £415.73

Probe Five Door School Locker

Probe Five Door School Locker£142.17  -  £436.21

Probe Six Door School Locker

Probe Six Door School Locker£163.72  -  £503.15

Probe Eight Door School Locker

Probe Eight Door School Locker£258.98   £223.74

Probe Ten Compartment Locker

Probe Ten Compartment Locker£359.26   £310.37

Probe Fifteen Compartment Locker

Probe Fifteen Compartment Locker£373.06   £338.42

Probe Sixteen Door Locker

Probe Sixteen Door Locker£408.98   £371.01

Probe Low 2 Door School Locker

Probe Low 2 Door School Locker£99.96  -  £317.01

Probe Cube Locker

Probe Cube Locker£44.37  -  £57.79

Probe Quarto Locker

Probe Quarto Locker£48.33  -  £55.39

Probe Disability Locker

Probe Disability Locker£120.61  -  £341.42

Probe Post Locker

Probe Post Locker£192.89  -  £600.31

Probe Uniform & Janitors Locker

Probe Uniform & Janitors Locker£157.96  -  £300.93

Probe Clean & Dirty Locker

Probe Clean & Dirty Locker£140.08  -  £265.20

Probe 2 Person Locker

Probe 2 Person Locker£174.86  -  £334.77

Probe Hi-Capacity Locker

Probe Hi-Capacity Locker£258.05   £234.10

Probe Standard Twin Locker

Probe Standard Twin Locker£162.79  -  £320.71


Page 1 of 1:    23 Items
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