Skid & Cantilever Classroom Chairs

Providing increased strength and floor protection in certain environments, our Skid or Sled Base chairs are available in a range of styles and finishes to match your classroom.

Our Cantilever school chairs provide excellent comfort through a flexible frame and allow for ease of cleaning in the classroom when suspended from the table top.

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Advanced Skid-Base School Chair

Advanced Skid-Base School Chair£13.80  -  £14.10

E-Series Skid-Base School Chair

E-Series Skid-Base School Chair£15.21  -  £18.90

Titan Skid Frame Chair

Titan Skid Frame Chair£15.93  -  £16.79

Skidbase Masterstack School Chair

Skidbase Masterstack School Chair£17.57  -  £21.59

GEO Skid-Base School Chair

GEO Skid-Base School Chair£22.63  -  £23.25

SE School Classroom Skid-Base Chair

SE School Classroom Skid-Base Chair£26.96  -  £27.35

GEO Cantilever School Chair

GEO Cantilever School Chair£28.06  -  £28.38

Skidbase Masterstack School Chair + Linking

Skidbase Masterstack School Chair + Linking£28.87  -  £29.16

Remploy EN10 Skid-Base Classroom Chair

Remploy EN10 Skid-Base Classroom Chair£44.00   £34.04

Formô Cantilever Wooden Classroom Chair

Formô Cantilever Wooden Classroom Chair£48.25   £36.28

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Page 1 of 1:    14 Items
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