School Seating

We offer an extensive and comprehensive range of School chairs & stools, for applications throughout your site.

For learners we have school classroom chairs, lecture tablet solutions, lab stools and ICT chairs.

Outside of the learning environment we offer dining & cafe chairs, visitor seating and school hall chairs.

Featured Products
EVO Conference Chair

EVO Conference Chair£46.08  -  £46.50

GEO Skid-Base School Chair

GEO Skid-Base School Chair£35.58  -  £37.11

GEO Cantilever School Chair

GEO Cantilever School Chair£44.56  -  £44.89

EVO School Classroom Chair

EVO School Classroom Chair£42.35  -  £42.81

GEO School Classroom Chair

GEO School Classroom Chair£31.92  -  £34.05

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