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Product Update: Postura+

Postura+ Classroom Stacking Chairs.

Since our friends at KI took over the Sebel Postura+ range, there have been a few modifications.  For Autumn 2014 we're introducing new Postura+ chair colours, however we'll start at the beginning:

About Postura+ Chairs.
Firstly, for those unfamiliar with Postura+ chairs, we'll start with the basics:  Postura+ is one of the market leaders in education.  Traditionally, Postura+ has regularly been specified for new build School projects and the new colour range looks to extend the appeal of this solid and reliable product.

The complete Postura+ range comprises:


Made in the UK.
Under Sebel, Postura+ was manufactured largely in Australia (hats off the Aussie's for a great design).  It's amazing how well Sebel managed to maintain supply in the UK, with shipments from the other side of the world!  Now the range is manufactured mostly in the UK, with some parts being shipped from KI in the USA.

UK manufacture is clearly good for British jobs and it also offers much improved service and delivery schedules throughout the year.

Autumn 2014 sees the introduction of new more subtle colour choices for the UK market.  A wider range of colours is available in larger sizes, with a limited colour choice for Nursery users.  The following guide illustrates the colour range by chair size:

Colour Name Postura+ Nursery
(Size 1)
Postura+ Primary
(Sizes 2, 3 & 4)
Postura+ Secondary
(Sizes 5& 6)
Jet Black    
Slate Grey  
Iron Grey    
Ash Grey  
Almond White    
Poppy Red
Orange Burst  
Sun Yellow
Lime Zest  
Forest Green
Ink Blue
Aqua Blue    
Powder Blue  
Pink Candy    
Grape Crush