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Top 5 School Chairs (EN1729)

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The school environment can be one of the most demanding for contract furniture manufacturers; not only does student behaviour vary considerably, but classrooms are subject to regular transition of students and also furniture reconfiguration.

In addition to strength & durability, school chairs should work ergonomically, for students who are physically growing.  The school working day can involve long periods of sitting; it is therefore important that we provide students with chairs that encourage good posture.

Sourcing the most suitable school chair can be daunting; thankfully European Standard EN1729 has been designed specifically for just this purpose.

Here are our most popular School Classroom Chairs...

GEO Classroom Chair is the most recent and best selling EN1729 chair.

1. GEO Chair

The most up to date and arguably the best looking classroom chair, GEO School Chair exceeds EN1729 standards and our best selling model.

Available in 9 seat colours and six standard frame colours.

  • Waterfall Seat
  • Stack 8 high
  • 6 Year Guarantee
  • Made in the UK 

Postura Plus is an established & popular school chair.

2. Postura Plus Chair

Postura Chair range has been in production for many years; the original design pre-dates EN1729 standards.

The range has been updated to meet the new standards and remains a firm favourite in many schools. 

Available in up to 15 colours depending on chair size (age).

  • Stack 12 high
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Made in the UK


SE Chair is the latest Classroom chair from Hille.

3. SE Classroom Chair

One of the earlier EN1729 designs, Hille SE Chair range is a versatile solution for use throughout the school site.  

Available in 7 seat colours and four frame finishes.

  • Stack 6 high
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Made in the UK


Remploy EN10 is one of the first EN1729 chairs.

4. Remploy EN10 Chair

One of the first chairs designed to meet EN1729.  Remploy EN10 achieves the earliest requirements of the standard and is a reliable chair that can be trusted to perform for many years.

Available in 16 seat colours on silver frame only.

  • Stack 6 high
  • 15 Year Guarantee
  • Made in the UK


Titan One Piece School Chair - reliable.

5. Titan One Piece Chair

Titan chair is a one-piece moulded seat available in six sizes for use throughout the school.

Available in up to 12 colours (depending on size).

  • Six seat heights
  • 15 Year Guarantee
  • Made in the UK