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Bergen "Squiggle" Wooden Classroom Table

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  • Solid Beech frame
  • HYGIENILAC™ table frame finish
  • 2 Year Guarantee

A traditional wooden classroom table comprising solid beech frame and beech laminate tops.

Available in a range of heights compliant with European standard EN1729.  See Further Info tab for size guide.

Unit Dimensions
Height Diameter Width Between Legs Seat Height
460mm Age 3-4 1500mm   260mm
530mm Age 4-6 1500mm   310mm
590mm Age 6-8 1500mm   350mm
640mm Age 8-11 1500mm   380mm
710mm Age 11-14 1500mm   430mm
Further info
EN1729 European Size Guide
Size Age Year Seat height Table height
1 3-4 Nursery 260mm 460mm
2 4-6 KS1 310mm 530mm
3 6-8 KS2 350mm 590mm
4 8-11 KS3 380mm 640mm
5 11-14 KS4 430mm 710mm
6 14+ / Adult Post 16 460mm 760mm
Lab A N/A N/A 445mm 650mm
Lab B N/A N/A 560mm 750mm
Lab C N/A N/A 610mm 850mm
Lab D N/A N/A 685mm 900mm

Not all products are available in every size, some sizes vary.
Based on European Standard EN1729. Sizes are recommendations only.

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